Embrace Possibility!  Claim Your Freedom!

Love Your Life!

Stef Swink
Stef Swink, Founder
Loving Life Services, LLC is an organization designed to support you in the full realization of Freedom and Possibility!  It has been created out of a powerful intention to provide opportunities to transform from old limited ways of believing and being, into an empowered, fulfilled, and more authentic existence. 
Living the life of our dreams means taking a different path than that of looking outside ourselves for security, validity, meaning or permission.  To find our True Source of Power, we courageously must choose to look within. 
Through transformational workshops, classes, Sacred Journeys and retreats, individual spiritual counseling, as well as guided visioning sessions for individuals, couples, partners and teams, Stef Swink and her team will skillfully assist you in navigating this uncharted territory.  One of our workshops or even a single one-hour counseling session with Stef can release old patterns and open new doors for you!
So if you are a Freedom Seeker ready to claim and live a life that you LOVE, you are in the right place and we are SO glad you are here!